Teaching Evaluations

Selected (unedited!) student feedback from Spring 2021

"We always started out recitation by looking at texts and/or images and having a group discussion about them. This was very effective in helping me learn because it was interactive, engaging, and synthesized the material from the lectures."

"Noam was a great TA who had an enormous amount of knowledge on the course. He was super effective at helping us learn by asking us a bunch of questions, leading us to interperet the meanings and messages of the history of ancient israel rather than lecturing us on it."

"Noam was a great TA who made 8AM recitations fun and enjoyable. I wasn't the best student, and his kindness and willingness to help me made a huge difference over the course of this semester."

"Noam's PowerPoints were very interesting and because the recitation sizes were small there were a lot of discussions."

"Liked the sense of connection with Noam who was always ready to help and consult students if they had problems with the assignments."

"Noam was the best his recitations were always very helpful and he did a great job of getting everyone to participate, which was pretty challenging for a bunch of half awake people at 8 am lol"

"The best thing about the recitation section was that we participated in different activities (such as group work, and collectively going over material). This was beneficial because it allowed us to hear the perspectives of our classmates as well."

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