Conference Presentations

“Taming the Unbridled Hero: Divinely Orchestrated Assaults against Inana, Gilgamesh, and Jacob” (forthcoming)

Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Annual Meeting, November 2024 (Assyriology and the Bible unit)

“Plant-based Blood: Animalizing the Grapevine through Metaphor in the Ancient Levant” (forthcoming)

SBL Annual Meeting, November 2024 (The Bible and Animal Studies unit)

With Samantha Rainford, “Turning Men into Women: The Grammar of Gender and Violence in the Middle Assyrian Laws”

The Sixth Gender and Methodology in the Ancient Near East Conference (GeMANE 6), The University of Malta, April 2024

Discussant, Roundtable Discussion on Women and Biblical Law

Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, December 2023 (Bible and the History of Biblical Interpretation division)

“Tablet-room Talk: Sex, Violence, and Scribal Training in OB Nippur and beyond"

ASOR Annual Meeting, November 2023 (Gender in the Ancient Near East unit)

“Iltani and the Messiness of Spousal Violence”

Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology (Oxford University), March 2023

"West Semitic Tales of Divine Cuckolds: Biblical Marriage Metaphors and the Elkunirša Myth (CTH 342)"

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, November 2022 (Bible, Myth, and Myth Theory unit)

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"A Domestic Abuse Lawsuit in Gen 16:5–6"

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, December 2020 (Biblical Law unit)

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"How to Talk about Domestic Abuse in Old Babylonian"

ASOR Annual Meeting, November 2020

Winner of the inaugural Student Paper Award

"Almanah and Yatom in Genesis 21"

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, November 2018 (Hebrew Scriptures and Cognate Literature unit)

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"Rereading the Covenant-Cutting Ritual in Genesis 15"

SBL Annual Meeting, November 2017 (Ritual in the Biblical World unit)

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Invited Talks and Work in Progress Presentations

"Adultery and Spousal Surrender in Genesis Narratives”
Guest lecture to an undergraduate seminar at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, December 2022

“West Semitic Tales of Divine Cuckolds: Reading Biblical Marriage Metaphors with the Elkunirša Myth”

Lehigh University Department of Religion Studies brown bag discussion series, November 2022

"Now You See It, Now You Don't: Correcting Plene Spellings Through Partial Erasure"

Invited presentation to the Masorah chug (seminar) of the Jewish Theological Seminary, March 2021

"The Home Front: Domestic Abuse and Regional Conflict in Ancient West Asia" 

Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies Graduate Student Works-in-progress Meeting, July 2020